Preliminary Meeting: Central Substation Project

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On October 13, members of the BWL met with City of Lansing Public Service Department, City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department and members of the Greater Lansing Garden Club who previously tended the Sunken Garden, as well as volunteers from Cooley Gardens to discuss the plan of action to inventory and relocate the garden. This was an opportunity for the BWL project team to discuss its proposed plan and receive input from the City of Lansing staff, as well as the Garden Club members.

The Garden Club members understand and support moving the garden and are receptive to creating a new landscape plan in the new garden that simulates the original garden design. They are aware of the new conditions (micro-climate, significantly more sun) that the relocation creates and are willing to make adjustments in the plant palette that will adapt better to the new location and orientation. The Garden Club members do not wish to be involved in the physical effort to move any of the plants, walls or other appurtenances, but is willing to provide input and opinions throughout the design and reconstruction process.

The City of Lansing has offered assistance through the Public Service and Parks and Recreation Departments. They have offered access to their gardener for consultation and physical labor, using their crews and small equipment such as: gator/box loader, etc. These resources will be used in addition to the landscape company the BWL will hire to relocate the plants.

The plan is to move all of the perennials to Cooley Garden using box carts. This eliminates the need for pots. Everyone agreed on site the plants would be better served using the box carts versus pots. BWL met with City and Cooley Garden staff to determine the best location in Cooley and the access route. The salvage area will be in the main lawn panel of the Cooley Garden, where there are four plant beds that can be cleared for this purpose. The move is expected to take 1-2 days and will start within the next two weeks if possible, due to the pending frost conditions. There are some other plants that have been identified outside of the formal garden that will need to be salvaged in the center of the cul-de-sac in front of the Scott House and some small trees where the new parking lot will be constructed. This will require a tree spade and involves approximately 5-6 small trees. The honeysuckle shrub/trees are no longer considered of value according to the Garden Club members and Cooley Gardens. The BWL will monitor this process to ensure the highest survival rates throughout the project. This plan relieves the urgency to try and establish the new garden in the midst all of the construction activity related to building the substation.