Lansing Energy Tomorrow

is the BWL’s major electric modernization program to replace and upgrade aging infrastructure with clean, efficient, and reliable generation and transmission assets.

Why It's Important

Lansing Energy Tomorrow is vitally important because it will guide how the BWL will meet the region’s electric energy needs well into the future.

Lansing Energy Tomorrow includes two phases:

Phase One

Phase one, which is already underway, will replace, upgrade and expand the BWL’s Transmission & Distribution system.

Phase Two

Phase two, which began Oct. 1, 2015, is the completion of an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to guide the BWL’s replacement of its aging Eckert Power Plant. The Eckert plant, now more than 55 years old, has played a central role in maintaining electric reliability in Lansing. Replacing Eckert offers the BWL an opportunity to modernize its electric infrastructure with clean, efficient, and reliable infrastructure.

Your Voice

As an important member of the Lansing community, the BWL is relying on its customers for input in the IRP planning process. To facilitate community involvement, the BWL has convened a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to review the BWL staff’s planning work, to take public comment and consider public recommendations on energy planning, and to make a recommendation to the BWL Board of Commissioners. The CAC will hold five public meetings between Oct. 1, 2015 and January 2016.

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Learn more about Lansing Energy Tomorrow and how you can add your voice to the planning process.

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Contact Us

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